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Website Design & Development sound similar but really are quite different. Website development is creating a functional backend system that works as a platform for both users and website administrators. Website Design is all about the aesthetics of the website build. Which hexidecmial colors look perfect next to each other, the ideal spacing of pixels between site elements. Website Design involves optimizing your website for potential users also known as UI / UX [User Interface & User Experience] so that the user has the perfect experience on your website and that they are prompted to do what they came for [purchase products, contact a business owner, fill out a form] without any problems [confusion, boredom, broken links]. All of our design is fully responsive across mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops and across every modern web browser [sorry Opera]. Website design is our specialty and if you or your business are in need of a Website Design Consultancy then look no further. BaalTeshuva Media is the place.

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