Baal Teshuva Media is comprised of a group of friends, business associates and Baal Teshuvas from Israel, Boro Park, Manhattan & Long Island. We are all very knowledge of the internet and how to develop a business efficiently and effectively on the www, which makes us the perfect firm to work with. A business website is an extension of oneself which means that it must be executed to reflect not just your business, but it should also reflect you as a person. This means that to be able to truly trust a web development firm with your online business, you need to be able to trust the founders of the firm. Why should you trust us with your business? Our track record of helping businesses thrive and grow online is extensive and our clients have nothing but positive things to say about us as individuals and about Baal Teshuva Media as an organization.

Website Design is all about the aesthetics of the website build. Which hexidecmial colors look perfect next to each other, the ideal spacing of pixels between site elements. We am in the business of creating companies online through website design, development, online marketing, SEO & SMO. Building a beautiful website & attracting clientele is like any other sort of creative medium; you feel a certain amount of pride and a sense of achievement once it is completed. Website Design involves optimizing your website for potential visitors, also known as UI/UX [User Interface & User Experience] so that the user has the perfect experience and so they are prompted to do what they came for [purchase products, contact, fill out a form] without any problems [confusion, boredom, broken links]. All of our design is fully responsive across phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and across every modern web browser. Website design is our specialty and if you or your business are in need of a Website Design Consultancy then look no further.